Monkey mutsunaOn and off, I have been keeping a diary since 1965. More often In the last seven years. On a daily basis in recent years. I do it mainly in the morning. As soon as I wake up in the morning, usually at about six, I make my coffee and sit down to write my diary. It has become almost like an addiction for me.

My diary is absolutely secret. Nobody is ever allowed to read it. Apart from the time of writing, I lock it in a suitcase with a combination lock. Many of the things I write about other people (and even  about myself) are negative, embarrassing, offending. I want to be absolutely free to express my psyche and intellect if such a thing is possible.

I have probably written more negative things than positive. A few days ago I wanted to say how disappointed I am with people, both in an individual sense and generally, which is a permanent theme in my diary and I have already expressed it in all sorts of ways. This is what I wrote:

the longer I live the less I trust people. The longer I live the more I am amazed at people’s irresponsibility (including mine). I am sorry. I call us two-legged animals. That’s by far the only difference.

In a comical as much as a paradoxical way, I became very excited about this negative idea of “two-legged animals”. I thought I could use it as a basic idea, a founding stone, for a new and freer approach to human identity and human life. A radical approach. A truthful approach. The fact that all domain name denominations for “twoleggedanimals” were available, came to me as a confirmation of the sheer “originality” of my idea.

Readers are welcome to become writers. Let’s try and prove what two-legged animals we are. I would very happily welcome stories and examples.